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Cage: He says, "I can't remember if my wife left me because I started drinking or if I started drinking because my wife left me." I think something really emotionally devastating happened to him.

The way I explained it to myself was, he has a kid and for some reason or another, he can't see this child, and that has driven him to where he is.

There was chief financial officer Tim Morse, who’d just completed a critical, company-saving deal to sell a portion of Yahoo subsidiary Alibaba. veteran whom Levinsohn had hired to run Yahoo’s media business.

And there was Mollie Spillman, whom he’d just made CMO.

3) She did love me but, as she got to know me, had concerns about certain traits of mine – namely my big mouth, my anxious nature, and my up-and-down moods that came with my up-and-down new career – writing online dating profiles at E-Cyrano. Especially when your boyfriend – like my ex-girlfriend – is a genuinely good person.

So while I was still as madly in love with her as I was the day we’d met, she was slowly pulling away. When a genuinely good person breaks up with you, you can only question EVERYTHING.

And while he is there he meets a prostitute, played by Elisabeth Shue, and they fall in love, although he warns her, "You can never, ever ask me to stop drinking." The movie contains no small emotions. And it contains two of the best performances of the year.

2) She tried very hard not to criticize me because my last girlfriend was so critical.

You feel like you’ve known this man your whole life and can’t imagine living without him. Except those times ended as abruptly for me as they did for you. Are you still glorifying some ex who decided he was better off without you?

To her credit, my girlfriend let me beg and plead and cry and generally embarrass myself for three hours at her place. This post was just the right thing for me – I was building a relationship with a woman who didn’t think after a month that she would “feel it”.

There was Jim Heckman, Levinsohn’s top dealmaker, who’d spent months negotiating a huge deal with Microsoft.

There was Shashi Seth, Yahoo’s top product management executive, already planning a long-needed update to Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo home page.

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Ever since man first realized that sticks and stones could hurt, they have used anything they could find as a weapon.

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  1. TO BE TREATED LIKE I WAS THE LAST WOMAN ON EARTH BY A HUNGRY GROUP OF MEN, PREFERABLY ALL [ethnic group whose male members are often hypersexualized in American culture, due in part to a complex legacy of discrimination]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!