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Do the big girls find it harder to date outside of their race? We do need to be considerate but realistic because the only ones who suffer from soft-pedaling core issues are often the black women who can afford it the least.

Bl ACK SWANS In her wonderful book,, Christine Whelan coined the term SWANS® (Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse) and found that "high-achieving women marry at the same rates as all other women; they just do it a little later".

It’s one reason why I have been very cautious about what and if I say anything about it.

Sometimes we’re more focused on throwing out objections.

The stress this 'contract' causes Black women is immeasurable and so they seek to displace it onto the men who continue to occupy their hearts... Thus, we must interpret all of their IRR work as sub-conscious distress signals or SOSs'.

Thing is, only a Black man could possibly read the signal correctly.

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