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I'm focused on looking at things with a different perspective that day--I'm focused on God and what He's doing in my life. When a guy is walking with the Lord and is reading his Bible, you will be able to tell. Your forwardness might catch the attention of some guys, but it's going to be the wrong kind of guys. When I first met Kelsey, she didn't try to catch my attention in a flirty way and she didn't have tons of guys she was texting. But then there are days where I sleep late, hurry to work, have an awful attitude, and then realize that, I didn't make any time for God today. When a guy follows Jesus and puts Him first..will be the best leader he can be. Ladies, in my last article, 8 Dating Turnoffs Men Over 50 Should Stop Doing, I shared what turns you off most about men on a first date. After speaking with a lot of men over 50, I've come up with these top 10 turnoffs you might be doing. Men Want To Meet The Real You Ladies, we've been sold a bill of goods when it comes to shape-enhancing undergarments.Yes they'll make you look 10 pounds lighter if they don't cut your circulation off first.Maybe you’re giving her an earful because you feel nervous.

If you love being labeled a Drama Queen, keep talking trash about men.

But if it's a second date you want with a nice man, do yourself a favor and process your stories about men with your female friends, not with other men. Post Current Pictures Of Yourself Online This should be an obvious one for both sexes.

Be sure to post a current picture, as in less than a year old.

Regardless, your soliloquy has the opposite intended effect and comes off as bragging and arrogance.

It can also leave her wondering, “Now why didn’t I stay home and watch this week’s episode of Modern Family again?

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