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Direct Debit payments takes a couple of days to complete and so I needed a status to indicate that the invoice is currently being handled by the payment gateway (Ezidebit).

As WHMCS does not have any Pending status for invoices, I have added a custom status "Pending" by updating the invoice directly in the database.

This is often quicker and more convenient for customers with multiple invoices outstanding, plus it can reduce your transaction costs by only processing a single transaction.

Thanks, Kristy Thanks Daryl, Get so used to Googling, poking around the software and checking forums for answers that for a moment, I forgot the official support channels Will get in touch with them and update this thread if a way is found. Hi guys, Is there a way to change the date of a product order?I've got some orders that are being migrated manually into WHMCS and the dates need to be changed so that the period stated in the invoice is correct - and the reminders are generated at the correct dates every year.Now, if the payment is a few days late, user gets his service reactivated with a new date and the invoice with corrected dates.Be fair to your users and forget about manual corrections for late pending order activations and late renewal payments!

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