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We won’t weigh-in on whether some Macedonian teenagers affected the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election by publishing fake news stories for advertising profit.We will speak to the broader, ongoing issue of information reliability on the internet.After collecting over 7,800 responses across twelve states, they discovered the following shortfalls: While their primary goal is teaching academic literacy, and how to work with academic and peer-reviewed sources, academic librarians play an important in role in teaching general information literacy, as do public librarians.As librarians and researchers ourselves, it’s our responsibility to evaluate sources and to discern quality from junk.That includes the so-called digital natives—millennials and young people coming up behind them who grew up with technology in the palm of their hands.Researchers at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education found that students from middle school through college are not proficient at evaluating information credibility.(Jonathan Carty) Disclaimer: As with any information you come across it is advised that discernment be used.I have no intention of deception, distortion or concealment of information to my readers.

As discussed in earlier articles in this series, defining the information requirements and ensuring correct input is crucial to ensure that we don't get GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).Three – Apply your time management skills to make sure all requests were met and that all gathered information is organized and ready to be disseminated.This skill set will allow you to work effectively to deliver the objective.I explained to this person that much of what he talks about has been released in a new T. show called Dark Matter and I suggested he watch that as much of what Corey’s sources and his own memory reveal has been featured in this show.I have written about this show in the past, but only about the first season. It aired on June 1st of this year, after Corey had begun releasing this information.

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