Updating location information

First, create a new Location Manager instance and set the requests permission to use location services. Significant Location Changes detect Style to get location, this request will response new event only when it detects changes to the device’s associated cell towers, resulting in less frequent updates and significantly lower power usage, even when your app is terminated.(need request Always Authorization request Access) Documentation ↩︎ You can easily to be notified when the user crosses a region based boundary. First, you need to create region list which you want to monitior.

Documentation ↩︎ It is a standard region monitoring way by did Determine State function(. In this way, you can monitor region even when your app is terminated(need request Always Authorization request Access).

Location Kit provide asynchronous block-based way to get the current location and region monitoring.

Then, click the Edit/Verify Your Location below your listed location.

This lesson shows you how to request regular updates about a device's location using the method in the fused location provider.

The last known location of the device provides a handy base from which to start, ensuring that the app has a known location before starting the periodic location updates.

3) Using the format found on Google Maps, search for and select your location from the autocomplete search bar (do not pick a location if it is *completely underlined*).

4) Adding text to the location fields after the fields have been populated from the autocomplete bar may cause the site to not be able to find a match in our location database, causing you to not appear in search results.

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