Updating excel from a word file

Some of these tasks do involve changes to the registry through, so make sure you know what you’re doing. You have to determine whether the problem lies in the storage location, the file, or Excel itself.First, try to save the file to a different location—another hard drive or a network share.We've resolved this issue for now by breaking the links in Word, but now we have another problem.

By: Tom Stratton We recently wanted to insert some data from Excel into a Word document, but needed to be able to update the Excel data while we worked on the project.

Any cross-file linking can already be established (though it is not necessary).

I am trying to automatically update certain information (such as names, dates and numbers) across 3 different Word documents by putting the data into a spreadsheet and linking to the respective cells from Word.

I have tested this, and even after moving the main folder, the files still “worked,” but it’s best to be cautious.

The Excel files that you want to place into the Word document should be ready before you begin.

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If you’re working in desktop support, you probably get the call on a weekly basis. Will you guard my stapler after I’m fired for this? Of course, once you say something like this, you’ll need to back it up with some results.

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