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Although many of Chick's tracts express views that are generally accepted within Christian theology, several tracts have expressed controversial viewpoints.

Most notably, Chick tracts were known for expressing strongly anti-Catholic views, as well as his criticisms of other religions including Mormonism. The company estimates it has printed over 800 million tracts during its first 50 years of business.

The data from which SAFMRs and SDDA designations are derived, however, does not immediately shift with the USPS definition of ZIP Codes, but remains defined by the ZCTAs as established by the Census Bureau.

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Chick tracts are short evangelical gospel tracts created and published by American publisher and religious cartoonist Jack Chick.

The material is written in comic book format, with the front panel featuring the title of the tract and the inside back panel devoted to a standard sinner's prayer.

This guideline covers prescribing antibiotics in primary care to children (aged 3 months and older), young people and adults with self-limiting respiratory tract infections (RTIs).

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