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The tax consequences of selling a business organized as a C corporation can vary tremendously depending on a few key factors.

A seller needs to determine is whether to sell stock or assets.

Whether it is possible to convert an existing business to a new form of entity refers to the need for an enabling statute, an allowable number of owners (two in most states), and the cooperation of creditors.

A second statute may be required whenever the particular form of business being conducted is restricted to specific forms of entity, such as the conduct of professions such as law, medicine, or public accounting.

While most publicly traded entities are C corporations (a few are partnerships or trusts), fewer and fewer small businesses operate as C corporations.

That could change over the next several years depending on what happens with individual and corporate tax rates, the tax rate on dividends, company growth plans and nature of the particular business, but I digress.

Below we will elaborate on the legal procedure for the liquidation of a Dutch BV and the Dutch tax implications of such a liquidation.

” While a thoughtful, thorough discourse on the tax aspects of selling a business is beyond the scope of a simple blog post, there are certain things that the seller should know.Because the tax consequences of S corporation distributions depend on the shareholder’s basis, it is important to keep up with changes in the shareholder’s basis over time.An S corporation’s income, losses, deductions and credit are passed through to the shareholders for Federal tax purposes and taxed directly to them.It is common that in the same resolution the former directors are discharged from their corporate liabilities.In the event that the company has a Supervisory Board, this body should approve the shareholders' resolution to dissolve the company.

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