Strategies for accomodating

At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for ADHDWhat classroom accommodations can help students with ADHD?

Here are some things teachers can try: For Classroom Learning• Sit close to the teacher and away from windows and doors.• Increase space between desks.• Have teacher stand near student when teaching.• Provide foot rests, seat cushions or resistance bands on chair legs to help satisfy need to move and improve focus.

Think FASD First when behaviours indicate a neurobehavioral condition.

This is unfortunate because students with FASD do not receive the compassionate understanding and effective interventions and supports that they desperately need early in life.

Don't abandon conflict; pursue it to resolution "4.

Six OSOW check vehicles from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s library were used to modify the designs to accommodate these selected check vehicles at the roundabouts.

For Organization• Use assignment notebook.• Provide an extra set of books to keep at home.• Provide folders and baskets of supplies to keep desk organized.• Color code materials for each subject.• Written schedule for daily routines.

For Classwork and Taking • Provide worksheets with fewer questions and problems.• Give frequent short quizzes, rather than one long test for each unit of work the teacher goes over.• Give extra time and quieter space for work and tests.• Allow student to answer questions out loud, or fill in the blanks • Allow word processing on computer.• Give credit for work done instead of just taking away points for late or partial assignments.• Break long assignments into smaller chunks.• Don’t grade for neatness For In-Class Learning• Give directions out loud and in writing.• Use pictures and graphs.• Have a buddy take notes for the student.• Give the student the lesson outline.• Check to make sure the student understands the lesson.• Keep instructions simple and clear.• Create a “signal” to get the student’s attention.

Don't fence yourself in by conflict; taking two or three witnesses requires that you are also open to reproof and correction "5.

Don't recycle conflict; once resolved, let it go and get back to your life" -- Bruce Barton in "Matthew" section of "I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to agree with each other in the Lord." -- Philippians 4:2 Team unity: 5 conflict management techniques Missionaries get into conflict with each other. Volunteers in ministry organizations find themselves in conflict.

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