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Welcome to my Wattpad where you'll curl into ball with a box of tissues and a jar of Nutella, but also enjoy reading my stories at the same time.

I write a variety of things, such as TMR and TMR cast fanfiction, poetry, and I take requests for imagines and preferences.

In a You Tube video she left behind, Todd told the tale by flash card, set to a maudlin song called “Hear You Me.” Her story is this: A few years ago, she was chatting with someone she met online, a man who flattered her. He asked her to put on another show for him, but she refused.

So he’d find her classmates on Facebook and send them the photograph.

All story covers are made by me, unless I give credit to someone making one for me.

WARNING: People catch the feels like the flare (TMR reference) when it comes to my fan fictions.

I kind of had this done a while ago just saving it for the Holidays. I'm with those who would also like to have a nude version (with high-heeled sandals ). Two perverted dominatrices join their efforts to...Signup Copyright 2007-2014 All rights reserved All models on this website are 18 years or older.WARNING: My fanfics may include warnings such as, sexual content, violence, strong language, death, alcohol use, drug use, trigger warning, physical/verbal abuse, and dark themes. I find it necessary to set a few rules with my experience:1.) Do not read my stories if you'll take them seriously.It's okay to be emotional and heart broken over what's read, but if anyone takes my stories, or any story on Wattpad seriously, then they should not be on Wattpad. We, as both writers and readers, do this for fun and it shouldn't be taken seriously.

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Dressed in a tight latex catsuit and shiny thigh length boots, Chantal is seeing some of the sights of Paris including the Arc de Triomphe and the Cathedral Notre-Dame. Dressed in a short leather skirt, shiny vinyl raincoat and white PVC thigh length boots, Welsh babe Emma Green stands in for our receptionist at the office. Watch the leather trouser wearing cop point her gun at and then cuffs the felon before placing her under arrest and into the back of the cop car as we enjoy looking at her leather mini skirt and black leather thigh length boots.

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