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in the discovery of attachments, and had enjoyed the advantage of raising the blushes and the vanity of many a young lady by insinuations of her power over such a young man; and this kind of discernment enabled her soon after her arrival at Barton decisively to pronounce that Colonel Brandon was very much in love with Marianne Dashwood.A cross-country racing game similar to Out Run, and Sega's first game on the System 32 hardware.Parental Control helps parents ensure that their kids use the Internet constructively without getting exposed to any of its dangers.Quick Heal Parental Control now comes with enhanced features which include: Internet Browsing Control - to restrict kids from visiting inappropriate or potentially dangerous websites (adult, chat, violence, game, crime, etc.).

swift, a more formal word, suggests great speed as well as graceful movement: The panther is a swift animal.

syn: quick, fast, swift, rapid describe a speedy rate of motion or progress.

quick applies particularly to an action or reaction that is almost instantaneous, or of brief duration: to take a quick look around.

'We did cocaine on the set of Empire, in the ice planet [the second film of the original trilogy].

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