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What you should keep in mind is the fact that we have the online screen recorder and the screen recording software.

Mystic spies on every single phone call made in five target countries. Gemalto is the largest SIM Card manufacturer in the world, producing two billion sim cards a year. These internet companies store enormous quantities of personal information. Dreamy Smurf is a program that allows its user to activate a target's phone when it is apparently turned off. Undersea fibre optic cables carry 99% of the world’s communications.

According to leaked NSA slides, Prism allowed the NSA to compel companies – including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Pal Talk, AOL, Skype, You Tube and Apple – to grant them access to users’ personal data on their servers.

Helpfully, they like to use silly codenames, so we can explain what’s going on. It intercepts user data as it passes between Google servers.

So here’s our top 10 list of NSA and GCHQ surveillance programmes, brought to you by Amnesty International and Privacy International.10.

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