Linksys wrt110 validating identity

1) Upgrade Firmware2) Reset Router3) Run Setup Wizard -------------------------------------------------------- 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- Please follow these instructions to upgrade your Firmware for your Linksys Device. 1) Download Firmware - CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD / BUT DONT OPEN IT. Dave The SSID Name should be on there somewhere and its normally on the same page. For the password, if you are using a WPA and NOT WEP then it should be working its not making any sense.

Link - Save to Desktop and do not open it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgrading Firmware 1) Open Internet Explorer2) Type (in the address bar/url at the top) and press enter Username: (LEAVE THIS BLANK)Password: admin3) Click the Administration Tab4) Click Firmware Upgrade Section Tab5) Click Browse6) Put the Firmware File you just downloaded here (file)7) Click Start to Upgrade8) Click Continue Now, after that is done, you need to UNPLUG your router for 1 minute and then plug it back up. However, when I enter the paddler I receive an error stating the parsley needs to be 40 bits or 5 to13 characters long. I have copied it directly from a notepad entry, so I know it is entered correctly.

Can you help Hello, there are 3 things I want you to do!Thanks When you install the new DIR-655 router, you didn't copy the security setting from the old router.Your computers still have the old security setting and router name on it.Linksys: 1-800-326-7114 -------------------------------------------------------- 2 -------------------------------------------------------------- Reset Router NOTE: You will need an ink pen to do this. Thanks--Dave So if it does work unsecured, lets try to secure it my way without changing anything else... 1) Open Internet Explorer2) Type (in the address bar/url at the top) and press enter Username: (LEAVE THIS BLANK)Password: admin 3) Click Wireless4) Click Wireless Security WPA-Personal TKIPPut a passwork/passkey here 5) Click Save Setttings6) Click Continue GUIDE w/PICTURES 1) Press and Hold the RESET Button on the back of the router for 1 minute2) UNplug the Power Cable from the back of the router for 1 minute3) Plug the Router back up and let it power on -------------------------------------------------------- 3 -------------------------------------------------------------- Setup Wizard Wizard BEST OF LUCK! :) Hello, I performed all the tasks as they were written. Please uninstalling and reinstalling the device for your internet connection. I received a message that "windows was unable to fond a certificate to log you on to."The wireless connection is now in a constant "validating identity" mode. vw=1&docid=5927105f59384b2eb79d194330d2e557_3696.xml&pid=96&slnid=26 Now, you need to go to the desktop to connect to the internet, and it should ask you for the password/passkey that you just created.

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