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I paid a very small sum for this guitar, and could not be happier.

I was just wondering if anyone knew how to date these guitars based on the serial numbers?

Usually, in modern stories, a character who's a sexist, racist, or something else of that kind is the bad guy. Unless, of course, he is punished for it, or forced to undergo a Face Heel Turn.

This is mostly due to the present day realization that prejudice is bad. It has become increasingly common for heroes of this type to not only have their political incorrectness lampshaded by the author and by other characters, but to .

Also see Good Flaws, Bad Flaws for a more thorough analysis of "discrimination as a flaw".

"Space must have seemed a whole lot bigger back then.

Basically go for a look that says the amp was on fire and they put it out using belt sanders.

I recently bought a re-issue Guild Starfire III-90 made in Fenders Corona, California plant.Does anyone know anything about this model and details?My grandmother naught my grandpa this guitar a long long time ago and it's been passed down to me I need info on this beautiful sunburst acoustic guitar it's got a SR on the top between the strings it says De Armond on the silver thingy and on back of the head it says model 319.12210000 made in USA.Mo I have a single pickup De Armond jazz guitar made by Guild, serial number KC 9041447 I know this was made in Korea but that's about all.It's a great sounding and playing and looking guitar but Im broke and having to sell it now.

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