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This is a true tale of a UK housewife (F/beast) Part 2 A Christine Carole - by HDTopper - This story is a spoof of the Dickens, A Christmas Carole.(MFF, bi, 1st, beast) Abandoned Doggy Part 1 - by Prachi - I am Prachi, a 20-year-old young lady from Pune, India.177351-acronym-challenge also if english isnt your first language, head's up about: pls = please srsly = seriously srs = serious people = ppl mmmmm = i like what is happening, what Im seeing or what has just been said hmmmm = either i like what is happening or im deep in thought (usually I like what is happening) you ok = how are you doing? Sometimes people will type and drop vowels (a, e, i, o, u) for some reason to shorten the words. LOL I can tell you to mess your daiper and what to do after, tell me 'I want ur ass bb r u a cumslut' and I'm like excuse me???

Soundgarden helped attract the attention of cam live web girl young.

") In line with BBC and SPH, you may also get guys with a LWD (little white dick) - it's one that I hadn't heard of until a guy said it to me the other week.

164640-Lost-in-Translation&highlight=lost translation It's just proof that sometimes you will never quite understand what customers mean to say :) Just asking may change "hru bb, im gr8 today mmm" into "How are you? THIS IS A BIG ONE AB: adult baby ABDL: Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers ALB: adult little boy ALG: adult little girl CD: Cross Dresser CDD: Christian Domestic Discipline EMC: Erotic Mind Control FFF, FMF, FMM, etc: Refers to “threesomes”, F for female, M for male FT: full-time PT: part-time PE: Power exchange FTPE: full-time power exchange T/b: Top and bottom TG: Trans-Gender [may be role playing, cross-dress, pre-op, post-op, anywhere in between] TGFM, TG F-M, TG Fto M, etc: Trans-Gender Female-to-Male TGMF, TG M-F, TG Mto F, etc: Trans-Gender Male-to-Female TV: Transvestite D/s: Dom and sub, Domme and sub M/s: Master and slave, Mistress and slave BDSM: bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadomasochism 24/7: full-time CBT: Cock and ball torture K9: puppy play CDD: Christian domestic discipline DD: Domestic discipline OTK: over-the-knee spanking YKIMK: Your kink isn't my kink, but your kink is okay.

Skype: hirokoemori Super sexy asian willing to do all type of dirty things on cam. She is not online as much as I´d like but give her a try. Since entering the industry in 2007, she's been in over 200 films.

If you just do a bit of math, that's like a scene a week. She was the first pornstar to ever win AVN Performer of the Year back to back in 20, and CNBC named her one of the 12 most popular names in porn earlier this year. /misstoriblack Recent Work: My Daddy is a Pimp***********************************************************************************2- Isis Taylor. Taylor's only been around a few years (she entered the game in 2008) but in that short period of time she's earned herself quite a loyal fan base among the work-from-home crowd.

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