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sounds like a delivery system for the tritest sexist jibes of midcentury movies: diamond-enthusiast Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) and her man-hungry best friend Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell) take their cabaret act overseas, setting sail for Europe to teach a lesson to Lorelei’s fiancé.

At sea, they’re surrounded by Olympic athletes and rich older men, temptations that could easily sink the women’s reputations and ambitions.

Dorothy comes along for the ride — to see France, to perform abroad, to keep any whiff of scandal away from Lorelei, and just maybe to savor some scandalous good times herself. Instead, the film introduces Lorelei and Dorothy as a pair: they grew up together “on the wrong side of the tracks,” learned about romance and hard knocks together, and achieved success together.

Fortunately, I genuinely liked her books (note for those who plan to read books by unknown authors in order to avoid social awkwardness in such situations: this can actually lead to bonus extra awkwardness if you don’t like the books – beware! They started off from Spokane, Washington, and ended up in New York City.

The story of that walk is the topic of the nonfiction book, Bold Spirit: Helga Estby’s Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America.

of excitement with the production company logo and music at the start of a movie?

I think it’s a leftover reaction from going to a movie as a kid – which was a Big Deal of excitement. Elyse: My fashion goals are to have a cape like Dorothy’s.

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