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Our tips and techniques can help you feel more in control. What I will gladly complain about once again is my car. There's not a hell of a lot to say about it except I experienced the nicest thing I have ever tasted in all of my years - Soft Shell Crab. I'm not complaining but there's a very good chance I am too popular... Sunday was another 'friends' day that was kicked off at about 11am with an hour long line-up for a Dim Sum lunch. Family, friends, acquaintances, associates, cohorts, unmentionables and even unlikeables all seem to have called or emailed or sms'd or got me on chat. This ended up putting a damper on the nite so the boozy thing never happened but to cut this long story short the moral of this tale is some chicks can be manipulative little bitches. I've had one of those obscure weeks where it seems practically everyone wants to talk to me. So I jumped on the phone to my local friendly service centre who politely informs me that it would be cheaper to go to a car stereo shop and get them to install a new one. Anyway one thing led to another and when we were finally about to leave there ended up being what I'll call an 'altercation' between my brother and a mouthy little twerp who deserved the ass-whooping he got.

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