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If you’re expecting a plot in “Step Up 2 the Streets”, there is none. Her family has always been her dance crew the 410, but after she gets in trouble with her foster mother Sarah who plans on having her moved to Texas.

Now 16 months after, we got the sequel nobody wanted, but surprisingly, it’s a little better than the first. After an eye-popping opening sequence on a subway train, we are introduced to the story: Andie is a rebel dancer whose mother died when she was younger due to cancer.When he meets the headstrong Andie West (Briana Evigan), they form a new dance crew that reaches the final rounds of a high-stakes reality TV competition that will make their dreams come true. Being the first lead to be invited back as a lead in another Step Up movie, I was all smiles.During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Ryan Guzman talked about how shocked he was when he was invited back for another Step Up film (he was in Step Up Revolution), why he liked the concept of being teamed up with Briana Evigan, the dynamic between Sean and Andie, how there are no special effects added to the dancing, his favorite dance sequence in the film, and just how much the fans love Moose (Adam Sevani). Is it extra cool because you are one of the only leads that doesn’t come from a background of dance training? I know Robert Hoffman is a dancer and Channing [Tatum] is a dancer.Her dance teacher, Buck Collins (Will Kemp) doesn’t like her because her dance moves are “too street” for the academy, but his brother and classmate Chase (Robert Hoffman) believes there’s potential in her.Her crew discovers eventually that she has joined the prestige academy and boots her, which leads Andie to take a huge risk: she decides to form her own crew consisting of Chase, and some of the degenerates at MSA including Moose (Adam Sevani).

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She walked and jumped into his arms, straddling him.

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