Dating someone emotionally unavailable

This is especially frustrating when you really like him and want to take the relationship to the next level.More often than not, emotionally unavailable men will be all up for fun and games but once you start steering the relationship towards becoming something more serious, they go running for the hills.Are you pouring your heart and soul into making your relationship work and sense that you are not getting the same in return?We have all played the tedious game whereby we swoon and fall for the perfect man, bend over backwards to get him to notice you, and realize too little too late that he is completely unavailable emotionally.#1 First of all, they tend to be poor communicators.This means that they are unwilling to share their thoughts and feelings with you and prefer to keep things locked up. Whether it is explaining why he had to cancel on you yet again, or telling you why he just cannot see himself committing right now, he will be full of reasons why he cannot give you what you need.If you find yourself in a relationship with this person, you’re most likely a person who desires closeness and is willing to make compromises in your relationship to make it work. It will only lead you to a relationship that feels very one-sided.

And it's for these reasons that the emotionally unavailable always manage to catch our attention.Yeah, maybe on screen, but in real life, this kind of “falling for someone who was never in the right place to be in love” thing is arguably the worst scenario in the world.And since we all value our hearts, and only want to invest in relationships that are actually going to give us what we want and deserve, it would be much better if we could see the signs someone isn’t truly available ahead of time.So, if you’re wondering whether or not the person you’re dating is in fact emotionally unavailable, here are some signs to look out for.Being in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man can be a strenuous experience on so many levels.

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If your man has gone distant, watch this video presentation to learn the 3 questions you MUST ask him to help you figure out what he’s really thinking and feeling.

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