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If you want an extensive answer to your questions,you might try at: , I think he was interested in dinner and a movie, perhaps a nice walk and some cuddling afterwards.REWell, now I am not sure who is joking about what.The company hit the ground with an amp – the Sixty-Five combo – in the works, then unleashed a range of head and combo variations of its big boy, the HD-130 (known as the 212-HD and 410-HD in its most common combo forms).Whether in head or combo form, the HD-130 Reverb was clearly intended to knock the silverface Fender Twin Reverb off its roost; in terms of performance, many owners would tell you it did.

I had never met these guys before, but we hit it off right away, and it was a great time had by all.Thank-yous go out to our hosts David B, and his wife Elizabeth, who graciously allowed us to invade their home and make noise until the early hours of the next day. Similar to the one pictured above, minus the grill fabric, it was the perfect match for my old solid body Surf Guitar with Teisco single coil pups.And thanks to the other guys for letting me be part of the group. During our Saturday night “jam session” (and I use the term loosely), I had the opportunity to play my ’70 Silvertone Mosrite Copy through David’s vintage Music Man amp. I simply plugged my guitar into this amp and it immediately started playing beautiful big clean tones with just enough added bite and grit. This new company was founded by some former Fender employees: Forrest White, Tom Walker, and most notably Leo Fender.Likewise 7842 on a filter cap or transformer will again mean 1978, 42nd week.Preamp tubes: solidstate preamp circuit with 12AX7 phase-inverter tube.

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But I was dead serious about date codes on the pots.

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