Dating jealous controlling boyfriend

While possessive behavior is usually rooted in low self-esteem, a possessive partner will turn these feelings back on you.

What we will be discussing here is not about that “cute” or “mild” jealousy, that oftentimes desirable in romantic relationships.

That’s the paradox of jealousy that we can see: while jealous men strive their best to get a woman for themselves, they hardly have enough confidence in themselves to keep the woman with them. But jealousy in men, because of the special characteristics that men have, is usually more detrimental to the relationship than it is in women.We will instead discuss about those “sick jealousy” in men and how to spot such men before you have become too involved with him.It’s cute when he’s a little jealous of a guy in your life.It’s controlling when he wants you to stop meeting EVERY guy in your life.5. It’s controlling when he makes his love conditional on you achieving those goals.6. It’s controlling when he doesn’t respect your need to be alone.7. It’s controlling when he never wants to hear yours.8.

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But behind this overused term are countless people who live with a control freak every day.

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