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It’s something that I have been concerned with for a while and since you have daughters I thought I would bring this question to you.I am a BW and I have a daughter from a relationship with a BM. I don’t see them getting any better years to come and I don’t want my daughter to experience the abuse (physically, emotionally, psychologically) that they bring to the table.It's interesting, however, that men don't seem to have "meet-the-kids-why-are-you-hanging-around-your-ex" concerns to the same extent that women do.If anything, according to some single guys we know, too many women want to rush their dates/boyfriends into meeting their kids, when the guys would rather proceed more cautiously.First, guiding means discerning what's right in the midst of all the gray areas in our culture.Young women are under a lot of pressure to look, act, and be a certain way — to maintain a certain image.They also face expectations in regard to their future aspirations.Often, we men can bring an analytical approach to help clarify the picture and guide them along. Guidance really is the ultimate goal of discipline.

Thanks for your time and for advice is appreciated.

Are shared holidays part of the co-parenting plan your boyfriend and his children’s mother established when they split up?

Fathers will go to great lengths to see their children smile.

" and "My boyfriend hasn't introduced me to his kids yet." Our position on co-parenting and dating is discussed in part in the interview I (Deesha) conducted with Mike's fiancee and our children's future stepmom, Sherry.

But because of the feedback we've received, we've decided to share more of our thoughts about dating and co-parenting, based on our experiences, on the experiences of people we know, and on good ol' common sense.

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