5 dating tips for shy guys

First dates are often boring, awkward, unexciting, and even torturous to many men.

It may take a while for a shy guy to engage in a face-to-face conversation so in this case, social media, chat apps and text messaging can be very helpful to start the conversation and get to know each other well before facing each other. If he managed to start texting you, do not pressure him to make frequent calls. Do not rush him but provide him a comfortable environment and make him feel that he is free to express himself when he's ready.

The foundation of eye contact flirting Shy guys often have difficulty maintaining eye contact with women – and people in general.

That’s why the first step in learning how to flirt with eye contact is to develop the ability to hold eye contact with a woman.

If you’re shy, you probably notice that the second you lock eyes with an attractive woman every fiber of your being is telling your eyes to dart away.

But keeping eye contact with women during these times is crucial.

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  1. In the paragraphs below, you will get useful dating tips for men and how to deal with dating in teenage years. However, when a boy becomes a teenager, his own body will change, and you need to dress a little differently responsively to your age – you will impress a girl more if you could look as mature as your real age.